It fluttered by.



Striped Policeman

First time I have ever seen this butterfly. A devil of a job to photograph, I can tell you now. I hope it becomes a regular visitor to the Ark’s spot.




        • It’s odd isn’t it, and sometimes disconcerting how they appear one year then disappear the next?
          I have managed to photo-catalogue 27 separate species that have visited our spot over the past three years.
          I am trying to organize the files in a month by month fashion to see when particular species visit over the course of the year.

          And planting the ”food” they like helps too!
          My family have threatened to take a video and release it on You tube of this nutter running around the garden with his camera apparently chasing fresh air!
          Someone suggested all I need is a large net and a Pith Hat and any subsequent videos will make a small fortune simply for the laughs!
          Cheeky devils!

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