Thursday’s Special: Section – a crop of a larger view.

“It was cramped in the pigeon loft, from which pigeons had, in  fact, been barred. But there’s always one pigeon that can bite through wire netting. It watched them from the corner with mad little eyes, its genes remembering the time it had been a giant reptile that could have taken these sons of monkeys to the cleaners in one mouthful.”

Sir Terry Pratchett: Going Postal.

An hilarious book. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Over at Lost in Translation, Paula’s theme, as the heading suggests, is section.

This cropped shot of a Rock Pigeon sitting among the fronds of the large palm tree in our garden fits the bill nicely, I reckon!



11 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Section – a crop of a larger view.

  1. Ah pigeons – one flew into my work premises the other day, sat atop the ventilation system of our large industrial kitchen, unflinching but for what the fuck snake eyes as we attempted extraction. Another pigeon/work encounter played out at 2 am in driving rain. Driving along back alley a few blocks from work, back door of Chinese restaurant opens, lock eyes with garbage bag in hand chef.Suddenly chef drops bag of garbage and runs in front of my van bent over with outstretched arms.I slam the brakes. WTF quickly turns to WHAT THE FUCK!!!!! He’s chasing a wing clipped pigeon backdoor escapee – run pigeon run! Note to self – never eat at Mui Gardens.

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