Watch the Birdy

Common Bulbul.

Photographed this afternoon.

Slowly getting to grips with the  Sony camera. The zoom lens is quite something, let me tell you. This bird was  among the uppermost branches of the neighbour’s  extremely overgrown privet about 15 feet above me.

A few of the birds seem aware of my unsteady hand and are very obliging at trying to stay still for  a whole second, as demonstrated by this rather handsome Bulbul.

These are regular visitors to our spot and their aerial antics are often humorous and entertaining.

The Wiki link also provides an audio of their call, bless ’em.





  1. Ark, wow if you are still getting use to this camera, you will win so many awards when you master it. This shot is so grand! The detail of the downy white feathers, the vibrant yellow spot so clear where it starts, and the light reflected in the bird’s eye. You even managed to keep the foliage around the bird in focus so you can see the spots, blemishes, and part eaten leaves. I love it. Hugs

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