Incy Wincy. Leaving home.

I mentioned to blogpal,  heretherebespiders  that I would keep an eye on the Brown Button spider nest and see if we could get a few shots when the spiderlings hatched

Mum still safely ensconced.


Well … guess what?

I was up at the web this morning and I noticed something tiny crawling around inside.  It was on its own and as I watched fascinated it crawled out of the web and began climbing up a  single strand of web to the top of the borehole box. Once there it dropped a thread of it’s own and for a few moments seemed to sway in the breeze then it sailed away!


I went back to my office, grabbed a coffee and did some work.

I popped back after an hour or so and this is what I saw.


Apologies for the poor  quality shots. These guys are minute and I could not get any more detail with my lens.





19 thoughts on “Incy Wincy. Leaving home.

  1. Hello Ark. Hope your sanity is well after being forced to get up close to these possible neck biters. 🙂 Remember when I said that the spider pictures were not bothering me now? I think I spoke too soon. You did find a way to get the small hairs to stand up. I guess the thought of small almost invisible terrorist who are armed with two skin piercing venom injecting devices, with super speed combined with the ability to jump huge distances due to multi legs, and producing its own substance to tie you up after it renders you defenseless is an unnerving thought. The idea they can float unseen on the breeze and attach their grappling rope to any height to climb up for better ambush is mind chilling. Well I have now scared myself so bad I have to take a trip to relieve myself. Hopefully I won’t encounter any such devious creatures in that small room or two things will happen. First I will demonstrate how high a sound range I have as I screen pitifully in fear, and second I will have to go change my pants and undies as I will be sure to soil them one way or the other. 🙂 Be well. Hugs

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      1. 🙂 Thank you. I love to make someone happy and joyful. I went to the hip surgeon today. They are sending me for another MRI because they need to see how much the femur head has crumbled , and a bone density scan as the X-ray did not look good on the leg bone it self. I will let you know what the scans say. Hugs

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    1. It was an absolute treat to see that first little guy wriggling around inside the web, and then make his bid for independence. So few actually survive to adulthood that I do hope that first little one makes it.
      First time I have ever witnessed this from any spider species.

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        1. What sort? You are fortunate, indeed.
          I have seen three in the garden and once only for each. A Masked Silver Vlei was the most striking and made a huge nest among a dense patch of bearded iris 18 months ago. Have not seen one since.

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  2. One spider = squelch

    two spiders = squelch squelch

    three spiders = squelch squelch squelch

    four and above = sssspfffftsssssssssssssss …

    (That aside, in our home we keep a dedicated ‘spider box’; an old-fashioned matchbox with the traditional sliding tray. It’s especially for spiders, most of whom get safely captured and later released outside.) (Squelch or spray is strictly ‘last-ditch’ for the elusive who but for well developed survival instincts would otherwise have survived.)

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