Leading you up the garden path: Stink Bug.

Stink Bug.

  Eggs laid on the underside of Jasmine Leaf.
  Photographed a couple of days ago.
Scientific Name Nezara viridula (Linnaeus)

Common Names: Southern green stink bug;

Description:  Adults have the typical, shield-shaped body of „true bugs“. They are 12-14 mm (0.47 – 0.55 inch) in length and about 7-8 mm (0.75 – 0.31 inch) wide. Most specimens are dull green, but other color forms exist, e.g. red-brown. The eyes are dark red or black.

The nymphs show a characteristic pattern of spots on the abdomen: the coloration of the spots changes considerably during development.

The status of the taxon N. viridula is controversial. It includes several ‘cryptic’ species, which might explain the contradictory evidence regarding host plants. Striking differences in host-plant relationships between its populations could be based on genetic differences, or they might just reflect varying availability of hosts.


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