Watch the birdy. Sunbird.

Male White-Bellied Sunbird.

As the light  began to fade,  I was having a coffee on the stoep when I heard him chirping away to my right.

I went inside and fetched the Sony cyber shot. I knew he would pay a visit to the Aloes before he turned in for the evening so activated the zoom and focused in that general area. For a shot like this using the zoom I am finding it almost impossible to have enough time to focus, and more so for a bird like this, and it’s a small wonder I managed a shot at all. From reading camera reviews this is a common gripe. But I reckon I still need a lot more practice. 🙂

However, even with his back to us, isn’t he gorgeous?




  1. Well done, You~!

    I imagine that the trouble is stabilisation versus zoom power? It took me a while to work out how to use the ol’ Canon on full stabilised zoom—it seems to insert a time-lagged rolling motion, but if so, keep at it and practise will help heaps (in the meantime you’ll get lots of lovely shots of beaks, or feet, or worse …)

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    • The Sony just takes ”an age” to come into focus. The Canon EOS I have focuses chop-chop – the difference between an DSLR and an electronic zoom, I guess

      But I shall persevere until I can get hold of a decent telephoto for the Canon.

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    • Thank you, Jo.
      Once I get the hang of this camera I hope I’ll take better shots.

      Looks like it will be a smashing weekend down her in Johannesburg.
      Lots of sunshine but not too hot.
      Hope you have a supper weekend as well.

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    • They arrive with the autumn and the flowering of the Aloes, which they love. I will attempt to get a few decent shots this year now that I have the Sony Cyber shot available. It has a decent zoom but needs a steady hand to focus!

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    • They are gorgeous!
      I’ll get better shots once I get the hang of this electronic zoom on the Sony.
      But the effect is still quite nice even with the slight blur.
      They move incredibly fast, believe me!

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