Thursday Special – Juxtaposition 1.

I am occasionally accused of hiding behind my Avatar and presenting a false name to the world – as if the world is really interested in moi!
Anyhow, here is Ark, Juxtaposed in these images and in case anyone was wondering after his real name and is too damn lazy to Google, it is, of course, Gladys Millicent Sidebottom.
 The fact of two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect.
  1. “the juxtaposition of these two images”


  1. As a person working with languages I am touched that you included the pronunciation of the word 😆 I think that I would be scared if not saddened if I had done what you did. Ah! May I still call you Ark? I thought Gladys is a female name 😀


    • The baby pics were taken in Germany, ( the car is a Borgward) while my father was stationed there for a while in the RAF.
      The ”selfie” was a reflection in the the window of the cottage at our spot here in Jo’burg.


    • Don’t you laugh at my name, madam!
      I’ll have you know that I have a second cousin … or maybe third, who is a Winterbottom and her ample posterior is forever being referred to as very white, very cold, and far too much of it!
      Poor cousin Iodine.



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