The Observatory. How Green is My Valley.


Still using the Cyber-shot. This must be a kilometer away at least.

Looking South-West across the Valley at the Observatory.




  1. Looks like you are using the electronic zoom feature, rather than just optic, no? Long shots have little depth of field and when they lose a little sharpness, they tend to look like postcard shots. Still, it is amazing how many features can be stuffed into a small camera now.


    • Yes. The Sony cyber shot is basically a point and shoot with a huge zoom and, I must be honest, not that much else to recommend it. And it is a bugger to focus on anything that it smaller than a bus, or moving faster than a snail.


  2. Tripod~!

    Great zoomers need good support (or superb stabilisers).
    Bean bags are very handy too. Nice shot, I love taking the same subject at each end of the zoom range. Spouse isn’t impressed but I most certainly am … and you may find yourself out there on a crisp wintry evening shooting the moon. Boom boom!

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