”Step this way”: deux. Black and White Sunday Challenge. Steps & Stairs.

Ginger is the neighbour’s cat who has adopted us: If he doesn’t sleep over, then he is at the back door first thing in the morning, and seems to hang around most of the day.  He gets on well with all our pets except for one cat, Kammy.

Here he struck a rather self-possessed and confident pose on one of the patio steps so I could  practice a bit more with the Sony Cyber shot. Not too shabby of the tabby?


”Step out of the car , please!”

Observatory Avenue: A favorite haunt for Jo’burg’s finest to park off for an hour or two and randomly pull over drivers, yet seemingly oblivious to the many taxis that barrel along at a fraction of light speed.

Here an Opel driver is asked to step out of his vehicle as we drove by, thankful that this time the ominous Finger of the Law (sic)  was not pointed at us.

”That’s one small step for …”  You know the rest, right?


Paula over at lost in translation


12 thoughts on “”Step this way”: deux. Black and White Sunday Challenge. Steps & Stairs.

  1. Was nice of Ginger to cooperate with you. Like people some cats love to have their pictures taken and so do not like it at all. Great photo, would like to see it in color. Are you getting more comfortable with the camera? Hugs


    1. I’ll post the colour version a bit later, no probs.
      The cyber shot is not easy for me to handle. But I’ll get the hang of it. It is not the camera for any sort of close-up (makro) work and obviously not designed for that either.
      The photo of the cops pulling over the drivers would never work as we were in the car on the move and it is just not as responsive (quick) as an SLR.
      With a bit of time on hand working with stationary and relatively stationary subjects it is okay and for distance the 63x zoom is insane! I can photograph objects right across the valley! That’s like a kilometer away.

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      1. your photography is wonderful to look at and one of the very few things I ever look at while online anymore. I try not to spend more than 10 minutes every day or so on the computer, it makes my head explode.

        just wanted to add, so much on tv about jesus these last few days, it’s funny how these shows are listed on the tv guide as “documentary” when clearly they should be labeled “fantasy”
        so stupid.


  2. 🙂 Hello Ark, sorry it took me hours to come here. The portrait of the proud cat Ginger is fabulous. I love how you compiled the moon shot with Police song. Sting is unrecognizable 😀 (I’m glad you didn’t get pulled over). Thank you, Ark. This was a huge fun!


      1. Domingo? Nao e a segunda-feira ja? 🙂 We are painting our bathroom and I am cleaning it – ugh. I would much rather go through your posts 🙂


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