”Step this Way”: Black and White Sunday Challenge. Steps & Stairs.

The Korkie Marathon is an ultra-marathon and considered one of the ”musts” for Gauteng runners in the build-up to the 90 km Comrades Marathon.

The Korkie is 56km. This amounts to 56,000 metres which, for me, including the odd walk at water tables, probably translated to around 58,000 steps.

For this little girl, who was still safely ensconced in her mum’s womb, the beautiful cake Emily made in her honour will be long gone by the time she makes her most welcome appearance, including the hand-crafted baby shoes. For now, even baby steps are still some considerable time in the future!

When I lifted one of the loose tiles on the patio steps, look who we found had taken up residence underneath the hole in the tile cement!


Thanks to Paula over at lost in translation for this week’s B & W challenge: Steps or Stairs. I hope my interpretation – including the small *cheat – doesn’t bend the rules too much?



*The small cheat: The photo of the runner was taken by a professional. I photographed the photograph.




  1. I never have much luck trying to take a photo of a photo. It comes out wavy or distorted. Great pictures. Will you siplace the lizards to fix the tiles? Hugs


        • We were over in England on holiday and it was even longer than this!
          Walking my nephew to school one morning, he looked up at me and, much to my sister’s disgust and my sheer delight said: ”Uncle Doug, you look like a rock star.”

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  2. 😀 Not by one bit… and I love your photo of the photo. I was sure you photographed him in the first place :D. Emily’s cake is a work of art and the baby steps underneath your tiles are miraculous. How can I not love this entry! Happy Easter, Ark!

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    • ”Those legs” have covered several thousand kilometers over the years of road running, including three Comrades Marathons I’ll have you know … and even though there is less hair – up top and on the pins these days they can still tootle round the block a bit!

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