Watch the birdy II ….

Hadeda Ibis on neighbour’s roof.



This and the previous shot of the Swallow were taken with a Sony Cyber Shot: a gift left to us by my brother in law when he visited last year. He never used it, he said, so he bequeathed it. Bless him!

I do not yet have a telephoto for the Canon I normally use, and for me, the Sony is not easy to get used to, having a viewfinder /screen rather than viewing the image directly through the lens. Things get a bit ”wobbly”.

However, it seems with a bit of practice I might be able to take a few half decent shots using the zoom facility, which is really very good! And this shot was not even on full zoom.




One thought on “Watch the birdy II ….

  1. When I get round to it I have several ‘macro’ shots of a butterfluff taken from about ten feet away this morning. And a vacant leaf that was vacated by a bee while I was still focussing—he left just as I triggered.

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