Ichneumon Wasp

Here you go, Pete!  As promised. Not the best shots, I’m afraid but quite a fascinating example all the same.

A once off, photographed way back in January 2015. Never seen it since.



After a great suggestion from Pete Hillman, I managed to dig around a bit and found a couple of sites that feature this wasp.

It is a pretty safe bet it is called Theronia Hilaris

Don’t you just love technology?


6 thoughts on “Ichneumon Wasp

  1. Detailed images, Ark, with distinctive colouring one might think this would be relatively easy to identify. But with all my books here I don’t get even close! Even looking online doesn’t help. It’s a beautiful wasp, and maybe of your region, or just passing through since you have not seen it since, but I’m afraid it eludes me.


        1. Thanks for the suggestion, Pete. Simply great to be able to work together in this way, and from across the globe too. Gotta love technology!

          Okay, I couldn’t get anything directly from ispot but after a fair amount of digging I think we may have a match!

          Definitely Ichneumonid.
          Pimplinae: Theronia Hilaris.

          Several sites feature it.
          Here’s one.


          another …


          and one more … scroll down on this page.


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          1. Welcome, Ark, and it is great, considering the distance. It looks like the one to me, mate! Well done, you got it! 🙂 Oh, and as an added bonus, and with thanks to you, I managed to identify my ichneumon wasp after stumbling across it searching for yours! So cheers to you! 🙂

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