Waiting ….

A Photographic Thursday Special.

Waiting for the Green Light. Niki Lauda &  Alain Prost. South African Grand Prix. Kylami. 1985. (Nigel Mansell won)

Waiting for a chance encounter.

Waiting for better days. Mother & Child.

Waiting for Snoek. Just Landed! Hout Bay, Cape Town. 1982.

Waiting tables. Park Meadows, Johannesburg.

Waiting for a Taxi.

Waiting for lunch. Bella 2016

Waiting to be played. Fender Stratocaster.

Waiting for a push. Howard. 2015.

Waiting for Mrs Right.

Waiting for a Boerewors sausage in a roll.

And finally, talking of things of a sausagey nature …


Waiting for a miracle?


Thanks as always to Paula. Have a Thuper Thursday!






4 thoughts on “Waiting ….

  1. You have taken “waiting” to a new level. You shame us all with your thoroughness and productivity. For one, I am very happy about it and so amused with waiting tables, beautiful flower and your Bella; she takes them all. Thank you, Ark. This has just turned into a better day. Never underestimate the power of smile. 🙂 😀

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