Incy Wincy …

Anything you can do … For  blogpal, Pete, who has been trying to get the drop on me with some rather excellent photos of crab spiders of late. Ha! As if our SA Crab Spiders will take this lying down … or hanging, or lying in wait in ambush.

So here are three …. yeah that’s right … three, all photographed within twenty minutes of each other this afternoon at our spot. 🙂



22 thoughts on “Incy Wincy …

  1. I am always amazed by the color changing ability of these spiders. However the last one has a violet on it that is not on the plant. Is it just visiting there? Or just not had time to change colors yet? Hugs

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    1. The pink one does look conspicuous doesn’t it?
      I have seen three different ones over the past month on three separate patches of Alysum.
      Considering the colour contrast I am of the opinion they are simply poseurs!

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  2. These are great, Ark! I am amazed at the variety of colours and patterns you have over there, and how many you have! I seem to just have the one, but he, or rather she is enough to keep my entertained.

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                1. I know what you mean, Pete. All good fun.
                  I have an old friend I am chatting with over on FB, and we have been scratching our heads over which year we went to Reading Rock Festival together. We have agreed it was ’77 after remembering we saw Thin Lizzy headline!
                  Thank the gods for Google! lol

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  3. Okaaaaayyyy … you fill your days with spiders. Fair enough—don’t you have television over there?

    For myself I now have a couple of thousand images of mushies to sort through—nary a spider amongst ’em, although some do have bugs (it isn’t easy being a crank).


    1. Yes of course we have TV … but who wants to look at Zuma’s ugly mug?
      When not occupied by worky stuff, I rather read write or watch movies.
      It really is amazing how one’s stress levels float away by NOT listening to the news.
      If I need an SA political update I ask John Z in Brazil! He knows all the stuff.

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