Ark on the Street. Yahweh at the Wheel?


Being the conscientious driver that he is, and to ensure the cops don’t bust his arse for talking on the cellphone, Yahweh pulls over to take a call from his son:

”Dad, you at the hardware store yet?”

”Just pulled up in the parking lot,son.”

”Well remember the nails. I need ’em for Friday, okay?”

”Okay, son. Catch you later. Ciao!”



  1. Terrible joke, but it’s still light years ahead of anything the so-called “professional” comedian, Branyan, can come up with.

    Did you see he posted something today telling Nan to kill herself. I saw it on my email. Now, that is a “comedian’s” material?

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  2. God loves me. I know this because He created me as a part of His divine plan, but because He loves me so much He is going to send me to a hell He created because I don’t bend my knee to him… Even though he KNOWS I would not accept that He exists on His pithy evidence.. Because he made me this way as part of his plan.

    BTW… I wonder if when he has a bad moment he gives it the old ‘JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL!’ B-)

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  3. Well, if you ended up visiting, Ark, you saw that I saw the post (tildeb pointed me to it). I don’t know if my responses hit home (probably not since he and Mrs. M are such dunce-heads), but I tried.

    It does make one wonder what ever gave him the idea he’s a comedian. Perhaps his god or his Jesus whispered in his ear one day and he took it as “divine guidance”?

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    • One cannot have a bit of fun over a work of fiction?
      What’s the matter with you?
      Besides, he comes back to life tomorrow so stop grizzling like a baby.
      Where’s your faith, for the gods’ sake?


      • Seriously ark? Would it be ‘fun’ to disrupt the funeral of your father, smash your camera, or throw your granddaughter off a cliff?

        That’s right, it’s called respect for what is valuable to others.


        • There is no value is respecting lies and horrendous tales of blood sacrifice.
          Would you be so defensive of the priests of Quetzalcoatl as they ripped the living heart out of a victim to appease their make beleive god?
          At least their ceremonies actually happened

          So,therefore, why is the brutal blood sacrifice of a make-beleive character any more worthy of respect?

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          • You don’t get it do you? Maybe others will.

            Did your friend Quasimoto or Maggiemuto create light? Did they create the fruit tree for you to enjoy? Did they supply the water?

            God has no competitors.

            My rebuttal post easily cleaned your clock.


          • You don’t get it , do you?
            The biblical tale is simply all lies, and to actually celebrate the horrendous method of execution of the central character of the narrative is simply disgusting.

            As for your post . I have already read it. It is garbage, of course.
            However, I will reply, ( as I did notice the subtle invite at the end of the post) but only if I have your word here and now that you will allow my comments and any replies I wish to make to your other guests to stand, and with no editing or censorship.
            I give you my word I will not call Wally a Dickhead.
            If you do not agree, then I won’t waste my time.


          • Why thank you johnZ, even though it is somewhat feigned.

            If an atheist said ‘God bless you’ when I sneezed, I’d thank him too. 😉

            Matters not to me if they do not understand, I’ll take the blessing.


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