Thursday’s Special. Pick a word 5.

projecting, arresting, pastoral, convex, communal.

There are no fields of sheep near me and I have nothing like this on file, so we will have to go for the other ”pastoral” and feature a few abodes where at least one might, on occasion, find some sheep inside.

Santa Maria da Feira, Aveiro, Portugal.

Paula@ Lost in Translation

Thanks as always to Paula for the challenge. Now to find something for last Sunday’s B&W theme …





  1. Awww, a possibility of sheep inside 🙂 Portugal is the right country for that pursuit. This looks like a very tall church. When did you shoot that one? And now, the verdict: YOU DID IT!

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      • The great thing in a video game is I am the god. I can do anything and start over, I can set it do I can shoot everyone and they can’t hurt me and I can just be a dick if I want. Not a fun way to play really. I like to play as a normal player where I find it more challenging and so more fun. Hugs


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