Thursday Special. Pick a Word 3

projecting, arresting, pastoral, convex, communal

I had almost given up on the rest of  Paula@ Lost in Translation word challenge as I couldn’t get my head around anything suitable, then I randomly opened an old file and came across these, which I think fit the bill. Not brilliant shots at all, and the one of the seals, scanned a while back, is almost ancient. Shot with my old OM10 while on a boat trip out to Seal Island while on holiday in 1754 ( or thereabouts) in Cape Town! The  wasp nest was taken years ago as well as was the photo of the Daddy Long Legs, discovered at the back of a pile of wood in the shed.

Still have two more words to sort out …. Oh, the pressure!

Seal Island 1980’s

Wasp Nest

Female Daddy Long Legs with her egg sac. ( I wonder if we should rename her Mummy Long Legs? Can’t have sexism creeping into the world of arachnids, now can we! )







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