Cats and Dogs … on a sunny afternoon.

Cindy and Django: Love is blind – literally as Django the cat is now totally blind.

Wanna play? I’ve found the ball. Please!

Kammy listening for the call for lunch.





20 thoughts on “Cats and Dogs … on a sunny afternoon.

    1. We fed her what we fed the boxers but we have now reduced her portions.
      Labs seem to have a penchant for picking up the kilos a lot easier than the boxers.
      I cautioned the missus at the beginning but was politely ignored!
      But commonsense seems to have won the day!
      But she doesn’t want to play ball or anything, though if there is a strange noise she is the first out the house and legs it like a whirlwind.

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              1. Aah … hello, Nan! In that case I shall reply here …

                The dogs never eat ”our” food.
                But Cindy lurks and as you are probably aware we run our business from home she will hoover any crumbs or anything else that gets inadvertently dropped if we are not quick off the mark.
                She just needs more exercise I’m sure …. like us all I suspect!

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                    1. I’m not a fan of most of the “commercial” dog foods (can’t speak for cat food since I don’t have one). I lean towards Natural Balance canned and Origen dry. Both more expensive, yes, but highly rated. But … to each his own. 😉


                    2. Hills is reckoned to be one of the best out here and our vet suggested it.They ate something else in the beginning -forget which brand offhand, but whatever we fed Bobbi made her vomit. Hills seems to suit her . We also add flaked chicken to the dog’s food.


                1. Challenged in one of those silly ‘mind’ games that some firms insisted on occasionally, to invent a ‘dog exercising’ machine I came up with an idea that would work, and very well indeed. But it was howlingly unpopular …

                  I hated those time-wasters and delighted in confuting the eager-beaver gung ho ‘leaders’ whenever possible—most were pre-programmed and quite incapable of thinking outside their blasted square (so of course outside the box was two steps too far).

                  As for Cindy … she’s still gorgeous! I must admit, that’s the first blind cat I’ve seen with her very own personal guide-dog.

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  1. Grand post. I love it. I looked at Cindy and Django, my thought was of comfort. Not only do they care for each other, but they can help each other. Cindy can close her eyes and nap trusting Django to alert her if there is a sound or wrong smell. Django can depend on Cindy to help her if need be. In the meanwhile they both can relax. The look on the boxers face, the eyes seem to be watching the ball, if it moves she will be ready and after it. Well if Kammy is like my cats she is waiting in ambush for unsuspecting feet to walk past her so she can grab the ankles and scare a human into jumping, at which point she will give a cat giggle and tear away to wait again. Yes I spend far too much time with pets, if there is such a thing. Hugs

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