Thursdays Special: Pick a word. 2

projecting, arresting, pastoral, convex, communal

Those who have followed my blog for a while will know we had two boxers, Bella and Bobbi.

I say had as sadly we lost Bella early in February. She was nine. She suffered from severe epilepsy which she developed out of the blue just over 18 months ago and despite medication we could not manage it effectively. The vet believes she eventually developed major problems with her brain.

But here, ball in mouth captured in full flight across the garden, ears out and what can only be a boxer smile, she is projecting all the puppy-fun and naughtiness that are hallmarks of boxers.

She is missed, not least by her sister.




Paula@ Lost in Translation







  1. I like the way you do things. You keep these posts coming like special gifts on different days with different subjects. Your Bella was a beauty. I am sorry that you had to part with her, and I feel flattered that you shared this beautiful photo for my challenge. Thank you, Ark.

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  2. I was sorry to read this about Bella. I have a friend whose dog suddenly developed epilepsy, and she said the poor dog was terrified during the fits.

    Boxers don’t seem to be long lived do they? 😦 Hope Bobbi is doing ok.


    • It was not nice for anyone and must have been horrendous for her.
      At the end she was at the vets’ for an entire week on and off a drip and in and out of consciousness.
      But when she was discharged and arrived home I knew, straight away that she still wasn’t right.
      She almost walked into the pool then off the edge of the property and within an hour she relapsed.I almost broke at the sight.
      I couldn’t stand to see her suffer in this way and the vet said there was probably brain damage.
      Bobbi was a lost soul for a while even with Cindy around, as her and Bella were siblings.
      But she seems to be coping now.
      I’m not sure I am yet!

      Yeah, 9 seems no age at all and we lost our first one at 5!
      And yet, the boxer we had in the UK lived ’til 16!


      • Sad 😦
        At least Bobbi does have Cindy, even though she ain’t Bella.
        I was dreaming the other night about Pippa and thought ‘I’m so pleased he’s still here’ and then I woke up. And of course, he wasn’t.
        Can’t remember how old Tarquin was, 11/12 maybe as I was in first or second year of senior school. 16 is a good age, I think ours have been around 14/15 but hard to guess with many rescues – you know how long you’ve had them and then add on how old you think they were when they arrived.

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  3. Atheist I am, but I still find comfort in these words given me by a real hardcase no-nonsense nails-for-breakfast rough-as-guts seadog when my own bull terrier passed on—

    I’ll lend you for a little while,
    This pet of mine, He said—
    For you to love while he’s alive,
    And mourn for when he’s dead.

    It make be six or seven years,
    Or twenty-two or three …
    But will you, ’til I send for him
    Take care of him, for Me?

    Decades now, but still raw.

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