Security …

Hold my hand.

Security in Numbers. Check out 9550!

Security Blanket.

Watch Dogs.

Daily Post Photo Challenge – Security.



23 thoughts on “Security …

  1. Hah! You made it to WPC front page~! (I’m impressed … mutter mutter mutter …)

    For a brief moment there I thought that was one looooong dog!


      1. I clicked on the WPC itself and they have oodles of links to responders. Yours was right up there (I thought I knew the name) (swift, I tell you, this ol’ dawg …)

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  2. I love the picture of the small child with the dogs. No greater security for a child is two dogs about the same height, unless it is more than two dogs. Hugs


              1. I must’ve done something right, I still have hair. And teeths. Most of my extant contemporaries have no need of brushes (but they polish up well).

                You can count? So you still have all your fingers then …

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