Incy Wincy

Crab Spider with attendant male. 1st and 2nd /4/17

Another colour variation – pale lemon and pink – of this amazing spider.






    • Quite amazing, aren’t they? The females routinely change pigment as part of their ambush strategy but the males are a uniform brown – ish. The wrap their legs completely around the female’s midriff when they are ready to mate and I have never seen a male come under any sort of threat.


      • Awfully hard for anyone to bite backwards …
        … but I know that if I ‘come back’ as a male spider some rotten bitch-spider would find a way to do it …

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  1. I am glad that that the males are not threatened during sex. I wondered if they had performance issues if they thought they were going to be eaten if they did not “do it correctly”. I notice this male seems larger than most of the do, or is the female smaller than most you photograph? The males must have trouble getting food if they are ambush hunters also, and can’t change colors. Just a thought, have you ever seen a female the color of the males? That brownish color maybe one the females can’t see. That would give the males a better chance at approaching the female. Hugs

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