Illusion. A Thursday Special

Over at Paula’s spot her theme of illusion involves certain techniques I am not au fait with nor have the software to  do all that marvelous editing stuff. My son has got this covered but calling for help would be cheating … so, I am going to call on Mother Nature.

Bird Pooh?  You’d think so at first glance. I know I did, and it certainly fools birds. It is, in fact, the larval form of the Citrus Swallowtail Butterfly.

Here is the second stage …

”Eyes” big enough to frighten most predators. In actual fact, the real eyes are underneath, part of the bit you see touching the leaf

And how about this?

A Wood Bark Mantis.

Normally you – or a potential prey – would need keen eyesight to differentiate between the mantis and the tree it is on, especially when it lies completely flat. As it is, I only noticed it all because it lifted its head as I brushed up against the tree branch, otherwise the illusion would have been perfect.

And finally …

Looking like a tiny piece of old leaf and intended to fool prey and predator alike, this is in fact a spider, named Uloborus.

It usually clings motionless to the underside of its web and simply waits ….





  1. Number 2 makes one wonder if the religiosi might just have a point: how the heck could evolution possibly evolute the twinkle in the not-eyes?

    But then again, it could well be a case of the infinite number of monkeys playing with an infinite number of classic typewriters and coming up with a word-and-grammar-perfect copy of Shakespeare’s complete works …

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