Back in the day. Chester.


Chester June 1987

By request. For Roughseas.

Looking East along Eastgate Street from what is known as The Cross – where the Town Crier does his thing … still. I kid you not.

In the distance you can see the clock over the arch that is the original Eastgate. It sits atop the famous Chester Walls that I mentioned in the previous Back in the Day photo. The town centre was pedestrianized in the early eighties.




17 thoughts on “Back in the day. Chester.

          1. Personally, not that I know much about it, I would describe them as medieval, based on Roman origens. Tudor is quite a limited period of time. I may be shit on religion but roman to medeieval is my field.


              1. Speeling is crap but history ain’t bad. Spent three years at Liverpool doing Roman history and archaeology up to my ears. Plus medieaval. Plus school medieaval. At one point I could tell you every UK town with the Roman name.


  1. As I gazed at the picture my mind fastened on the Disney World Harry Potter street they created. I was suddenly of the idea that someone took a picture of the mystical magic world of wizards. Hugs

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