Back in the Day. Chester. Spanning the River, spanning the years.


My old stomping ground, Chester.UK.

I wish I had been more into photography back then, as it is always fascinating to see how things change/develop with the passage of time.

Two views of St Mary’s Church, Handbridge, Chester.

The first shot was taken with a Kodak Instamatic in 1977 from the Grosvenor Bridge, looking East(ish)

The second shot was taken  in June, 1987 using an Olympus OM10 with a Tokina telephoto lens – for those who like to read the fiddly bits – and is the view from the opposite side of the church from Chester Walls, looking approximately  South West.

The walls, which surround most of the inner city, are originally from Roman Times. Of course they have been built upon, and repaired  (and still are repaired I’m sure)  over the millenia, but as far as I know , for the most part they are Roman, and from what I can remember one can walk around the entire City along the walls with only the occasional break where deterioration won over preservation, on the South entrance to the City Centre if memory serves.

As for the church – I’m no Tish Farrell, who spins such wonderful historic tales to accompany here vivid photos, so if you want to know the history, you will have to do the Googly thing.

And as she has a relation – I think -who lives in my old home town she probably knows as much about it these days as I do.


St. Mary’s Church

Suffice to say, this was my ”local” before one was old enough to consider a pub ”my local.”

As Boy Scouts, it was where we ended up after Church Parade, marching from the Scout Hall, to Overleigh Road and on to the Church, no doubt waking up the ”Devil Hisself” with all the racket we made!

I played a bugle in case you were going to ask, polished with Brasso to make it shine enough to blind motorists and starlings flying overhead.

Yes … back in the day.




5 thoughts on “Back in the Day. Chester. Spanning the River, spanning the years.

  1. I used to love visiting Chester. Had a gorgeous feel about it. Walked the walls with my mum and dad, had lunch, and in later years, ie university, went to the Blossoms (?) for Sunday afternoon tea.

    Adore the second photo on the walls.

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      1. Wasn’t there a clock tower or something in the middle of town? It always had a lovely ambience. Bit like Beverley. Not as touristy as York but sort of well steeped. The walls do it for me though. I walk through ours in Gib, and think ‘home now’.


        1. Yes. There still is! I have a photo I shall post a bit later.
          The Walls were it for me as well. Was the very first thing my brother and I did on our first Saturday visit. Armed with pocket money it was Walk the Walls, visit the Museum and last, the toy shop.I was eleven … or thereabouts.

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  2. Thank heavens for good ol’ Google Earth/maps/thingy. With it you need not go there to get the flavour.

    Though these days I get horribly depressed when I visit old haunts that no longer exist. Brrrr …

    Liked by 1 person

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