It Fluttered by

Crimson Speckled Footman on Lemon Verbena Bush




14 thoughts on “It Fluttered by

      1. Swine~!
        Here I was, thinking you’re a genius photographer—and it turns out you’re merely a genius Photoshopper.
        Bummer, another delusion shattered … you’ll keep …

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  1. It’s a special day for our ‘resident’ entomologist
    (or is it cosmetologist? — it sure ain’t apologist)

    Although there’s lots of candles on his cake he’s not over the hill –
    Why – crab spiders, praying mantis and even blue-arsed flies’ll give him a thrill!

    So Happy Birthday! (this rhyme is just for kicks)
    I hope the bugs’ll keep on coming and your shutter never sticks! 🙂

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    1. Bless you dear Carmen, you are so sweet.
      Everything but … skywriting or a Tweet,

      In truth it was an exhausting frustrating day as I spent most of it on bloody Facebook writing Thank you responses to all those inconsiderate people who kept sending me Happy Birthday greetings.
      I might have carpel tunnel at the end of the day.


    1. When on the wing, you cannot see the colouring. They just look like a nondescript white(ish) But when they alight to feed, then you get to see how beautiful they are.


        1. It’s great fun to share and we all learn as we go along I guess.
          Also, gives us a greater appreciation of what is around us, and maybe teaches us to keep our eyes open just a bit more!


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