Back in the day …

There’s a Facebook page – there are probably a few I suspect – about my old stomping ground, Chester, in the UK.

I thought I’d post a few old photos I had on the FB page and I came across this one, taken around 75/76

This is our old dog, Penny, her and I had gone for a walk up a place called the Dukes Drive, a public drive that meandered through a local woods and eventually led to the estate owned by the Duke of Westminster.

I walked or cycled this Drive almost every day for years as my old school was nearby.

It was also part of the School Cross Country course and I also ran it when I went back on holiday in ’93

As kids, we also used to go ”Up the Duke’s” to get conkers.

By the look of the photo it must have been autumn.




  1. Nothing like a good gallop along the ol’ school cross country course—weaving in and out of all the cars, busses, driveways, takeaways, service stations, shopping malls …


      • Keyword there: was …

        Rural back then … I remember when HMS Collingwood (shore training establishment) (Hampshire, near Pompey) was way out in the country.
        Now the city has come to it, surrounded it, and gobbled it up.
        Hell, Fort Fareham was a crumbling brick masterpiece hidden in the woods and well worthy of explorers in full kit with ration-packs; now it’s factories and shops and garages and all hustle & bustle (with nary a birdie to be seen nowhere).

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