Let us Pray?

Popa spurca  Young African Twig Mantis.

Found this morning on a daisy leaf.

Only the second time I have encountered this species.  The last time was in October 2015 according to my files.

This was a rare and special treat.




11 thoughts on “Let us Pray?

    1. Indeed it is. When you notice one small mantis there are usually a number of its siblings nearby. Alas… no such luck and as intrepid as I am I wasn’t up to going jungle bashing.
      I popped up this morning but no sign …


      1. Yes. I’ve seen green and brown ones. A friend with a mister in the desert attracted all sorts of bugs I’d never seen. One was a huge stick bug about four inches long.

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  1. A question enters unbidden the vacant mind … do these little guys ever get infected with or invaded or colonised by short-sighted little camo-expert spiders?


  2. I’ve just remembered why that image looked so familiar to me! We bought one of our granddaughters the book “Stick Man” (Julia Donaldson) for Christmas one year. It’s a wonderful story — son-in-law told me he had tears in his eyes the first time he read it to the kids. 🙂


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