It Fluttered by …

Crimson Speckled Footman.


Don’t often see this moth. But a treat when it pays us a visit.




  1. Is that patterning meant to be camo, or is the wee crittur throwing out a challenge saying “Eat me! — If you dare …”?

    The sort of challenge to make a circumspect predator stop and think “Hold on, something ain’t right …”

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  2. Nature is something special. I have to admit if I seen this next to me in the yard without having known they exist, I would have thought someone spiked my Rum with booze. Good booze. Great shot Ark. I never realized insects came in such a wide range of colors and shapes. Have you ever thought of lending your photos to a nature writer or to an insect center? They are well good enough. Those places and people need pictures, they might as well pay you. Hugs


      • Your daughter is smart and talented. I think a book would be grand. Do insects make good coffee table book subjects? Or a combined book by your entire family, a sort of each takes three pictures and writes short stories about them and combine them all together. Oh I just hit on a grand idea. You get along so well with children, you could take a bunch of your photos to a school class, like maybe 6th grade ( 12 yr olds ) and the teacher can have a class assignment for the kids to do an essay on the picture they get handed or select. You take all the essays ( after their graded so the kids get class credit ) and combine them in a book. The kids, parents, the school would go crazy for a copy of the book! So you will have other schools wanting to work with you on the same type project. Good luck. Hugs


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