Leading you up the garden path. To be or not a bee?

In fact no …. this is … I think … a Hairy Flower Wasp, photographed about two hours ago by the pond. I cannot find a reference to a native South African species and the link below is to one from Australia so maybe we imported them somehow?


Hairy Flower Wasp






  1. Ah, an immigrant wasp. Just what is the policy in S.A. on non native wasps and their attempts to visit local flowers? Does the Ark Spot differ from the official government position to any degree? Here in the states we have sanctuary cities for the humans, is Arks Spot such a thing for the unseen but felt so stingingly populations? 🙂 Three super size cups of coffee ( = 10 cups pot level ) and I am ready for morning again… at lunch time. Hugs

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    • Emily and I were inspecting the pond level … we think we may have a leak …
      I had the camera, as I most usually do outside when she nudged me and there it was, on the succulent you see in the photos not five feet from where we stood.
      It is a little smaller than the average thumb, but did not seem aggressive in the least.


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