*London Bridge is falling down … well, maybe not just yet.

Tower Bridge  Circa 1980.



Odd how we barely concern ourselves with the dangers of our daily commute and yet there will be inevitable “shunts” as James Hunt used to say.

Awareness levels might  tend to rise when holiday time swings around. Certainly in South Africa they do, and when the annual Lemming Runs to the coast begin,usually over Easter and Christmas,  motorized death is never a matter of maybe, but simply a question of adding up the numbers. How many hundreds this year?

It’s not the same in England, of course, which has one of the lowest road death tolls, including pedestrians.

But there are moments that will initially horrify the nation and capture the media’s attention for days on end.

There was a rather nasty accident on the M6,  I think it was, that involved a huge pile up in dense fog and a number of people died, including children on a coach. I may not be entirely accurate on this point. It was mid 90’s. ’94,’95?

I was working as an assistant manager in a restaurant at the time, and every morning we opened up and switched on Sky and there it was … the latest update. It went on for over a week. I think the BBC must have interviewed everyone they could find that was in any way connected to anyone involved, even a woof from some Vicar’s dog who presided over one of the funerals.

Over here in South Africa, that number of people are probably already dead by the time I’ve brushed my teeth and combed my hair.

But eventually, one gets inured to it and it becomes  part of life … albeit a somewhat gruesome part of life.

However, on occasion, buckling up will not help and it is not the number of road deaths that sends the population into a horrified flat-spin panic, attracting global attention, but rather the manner of the deaths; especially if the driver takes to carrying sharpened cutlery and driving on the pavement.


*Westminster Bridge




  1. I remember the M62 coach bomb in 1974. Mainly because it woke me up, and we were some miles away. If I could hear it approx seven miles away what on earth was it like at the scene? I’m surprised there were any survivors.

    Of course back then, terrorism = the IRA, and Asians (usually Muslim Pakistanis) were just people who had come over to work on buses and in factories. How things change. Enough that last time I was in London I took taxis between main line stations. Ironically, the thought of an underground bomb freaked me out, yet both London and Madrid (Atocha) were above ground bombs. Seems the latest trend is to drive into people (Nice and London). Not. Good. 😦


    • Of course the latest trend:

      * vehicles are legal, and in one you can’t be accused of having a loaded weapon.
      * Victims are cheap (free, in fact), easy, and plentiful.
      * Warning is zilch, reaction time strictly limited and with no place to hide.
      * Chosen well the tidying up and first aid etc can be severely hampered.
      * Nobody can accused you (“A bee flew in, your Honour, I was swatting it and temporarily …”)
      * Etc etc ad infinitem

      You can expect more, bigger, better—I’d be tempted to use a larger vehicle and load up with incendiary stuffs if it were me, mow ’em all down with mad rapturous serving-Allah enjoyment and detonate at the opportune moment.

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    • This is the doozy—how do you defend against it?

      The Yanks especially had a major with kamikazes in the Pacific and their only defence was to knock the buggers down on their way in.

      As you say, the ideology is sick. People bleat that it’s only some and the rest are “kind, loving, peaceable, compassionate, charitable etc etc” ad nauseam; but the foundation is fatally flawed.

      They (thugs) pride themselves on being “people of The Book” yet their book is savagery and very very very ‘unBritish’ (I don’t know, though—the Holy Bible too has some sick bits in it).

      Ban the Book.
      Make becoming Christian or any acceptable alternative a prerequisite for residence. Or shall we bend over backwards to import hundreds of thousands (who will become millions in just a generation of two) of legal pederasts, slavers, mutilators and murders?

      Your call—you have a vote. (If you dare—which I doubt you will. So they win by default, and that’s the way of it—cuckoo controls the nest. (And that’s nothing personal, that’s a generic ‘you’.)

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