17 thoughts on “More Green: Daily Post.

  1. I “liked” this not because of the spider, but because of the “hide and seek” aspect. Pretty clever that spider. And YOU to have seen it.


    1. I am used to stalking around the bushes and flowers at very close quarters, probably looking like some demented and very short sighted geeky photographer!
      After a while,one gets to know where to look. Who lives where sort of thing.
      But this particular species I have only come across twice. And I do look for it!


  2. If I may ask, Ark—and don’t be shy of not answering: what ‘theme’ are you using?

    (Everything I try gives small images—your theme if an image is clicked on opens said image up nice and big.) (SFX: insert envious sigh here, please …)

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    1. The theme is Gateway.
      However, before you go doing the whole change over thing let me just say … or write …
      I create all posts (except the slideshows) from the old up-loader format.
      I too found that when using the New Improved(sic) Word Press format I could not enlarge an image.
      If you know how to work from the old format you’ll be okay. If not, I can tell you and I won’t even have to write in big letters or in crayon. How’s that?


      1. Thanks Ark. I think I may have it cracked. By accident.
        I’ve already forgotten the name of the new theme but my ‘Dreaming Cavalier’ is using it, and it seems to be giving nice biggies.
        I hope … 🙂 🙂


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