Continued: Oh,for gods’ sake. Religion does no harm. Oh really. Part Deux.

As the original post is getting rather crammed and some of you may be struggling with placing comments and the age it may be taking to upload  …. we’ll have  a clean start. Sort of.

Here is a very nice inspiring picture of Jesus of Nowhere Nazareth for you …

”No,no! Put it away! What the Gehenna do I want to look at that for? Ew … gross!  Besides, I said circumspection! Oh, Me H ChristWhy don’t you lot ever listen for my dad’s sake!”


As you were ….




  1. The Jesus I know has hair to die for! Though admonished not to covet, I did covet his hair. Long, gentle curls, cascading down in a relaxed fashion, dirty blond in colour, some sunlit highlights. And his blue eyes, gentle and loving. And clean feet, though he wore sandals. And such a clean robe though the children climbed all over him.

    My Jesus.

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    • That wasn’t religion!

      That was apparently/allegedly a deranged (gulp) Islamic. Couldn’t have been a real Islamic guy though, ‘cos everyone knows Islam is the religion of peace, love compassion and kindness. (Oops, charity too …)


      • I beg to differ. Well, not that much begging to tell the truth. It is someone’s idea of religion.
        It was still considered religion when they were using the bible to justify slavery and Apartheid and burning witches and attacking abortion clinics and going to war.
        And you bet your last camel that someone, somewhere was knocking this one around the head with a Koran before he climbed into that car.

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        • No, no, no.
          No no no no, no no no noNO~!
          How many times do I have to repeat it?
          And they call ME thick! Sheesh~!

          Okay, one last time:

          Islam is The Great Religion of Love, Peace, Compassion and mercy.

          And if you can’t get your atheistic God-denying close-minded skull around that, there’s no hope for any of us.

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          • It’s ironic, I came across an old copy of 1984 a couple of days ago. I haven’t read it since my school days, and reading our dialogue – sparring – reminds of one of the opening scenes where Winston Smith goes to the cinema and sees a newsreel of helicopter gunships blowing up fleeing refugees in a boat and everyone at the pictures laughing – except one woman who began complaining that it ‘…oughtn’t be shown to kids’ ( or something). And of course the police enter the cinema and cart her off.
            The Ministry of Peace. War is Good!

            if you have a copy, Argus, give it another whirl. It is amazing how relevant that scene struck me in light of all the farking PC we are obliged to gag on.

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          • I read it a long time ago, so now well overdue a re-read. (Funny, I must have been one of the last to see ‘V’ and bits of that put me in mind of 1984.) Prescient little bugger, that Orwell …

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  2. Well, since so many are in love with him, he has to look like you described, Zoe. Keep in mind that there were many willing foot-washers in those days, too. 🙂

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  3. True story. That little girl was me, and many, many other children exposed to Christianity. I started having night terrors before I started kindergarten, and they lasted until I was close to 10. They happened frequently. Like I mentioned to you in your last post, Ark, I wasn’t raised a fundamentalist, but my parents did allow the priests and nuns to indoctrinate me in school, CCD classes, and mass. Unlike John Z’s experience with the RCC, the church was very authoritarian (especially towards children) in the states. .

    Oh, this is interesting. I was going to embed a link under CCD to explain what it is (for anybody who didn’t know), and it looks like the wiki page has been trolled by someone who had to endure these torturous classes, too.

    Confraternity of Christian Doctrine has been changed to Central City Dump — followed by this:

    “I don’t wanna go to CCD!”
    “You’re going.”
    “No! I don’t wanna go to CCD!”
    “You’re going going and I don’t want to hear another word about it.”

    Typical struggle of making children going to CCD, a place worse than hell.

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  4. If you look very, very closely at an enlarged version of this picture, you can see some lice crawling about in Jesus’s beard. They’re known, in the bible, as the Holy Lice on Christ. Many are still alive today as they feasted on Christ’s Holy Blood back in the day. The things ya’ can learn from readin’ the bible, eh.

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  5. I saw the recreation of what Jesus looked like on a TV show a few years back that generated the picture you showed. In my view it was just publicity rubbish. They took a skull from the time and region and built a likely face from that. Total rubbish to call it a picture of Jesus, the best you could call it is the possible representation of a person from that time and region.


    • I think you’re partially correct, Peter. What I remember about this image was the people who did the recreation explained it was what Yeshua probably would have looked like. IOW, not the blue-eyed, long-haired, “pretty” guy that most people/Christians envisioned, but more like someone with Jewish features, skin color, face shape, etc.


    • Of course it was rubbish, but it must have seriously pissed off most Christians who have had the Robert Powell style image seared onto their conscience.To be honest, I have always thought Jesus of Yaphia almost certainly looked more like Fred Flintstone.


  6. What I want to know, Ark, is how the hell did you get hold of a photo of the real me? (Is there a hole in my Gravatar image system’s defences somewhere?)

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