Leading you up the garden path. Sorry to bug you.

Coreidai – Twig Wilter. Regarded as a pest in numbers and can apparently destroy a tree.

I saw only one so I decided to let him be.

Large Chafer Beetle on Rose. The markings on the back always remind of  the Ink Blot Test you see  psychiatrists use in movies.   

Not a great shot – she is tiny – but yet another example of the amazing array of colour variation these spiders are able to achieve.







  1. I really like that Large Chafer Beetle, Ark. Fabulous colouring. Nice shot! I am amazed to see how many different coloured crab spiders you have there! In fact, how many crab spiders you have there!


  2. I never trust anything that looks like that first one. Weevil family, I guess? Not a friend of mine.
    That spider is super tiny, can’t believe how I can see all the ridges in (your?) skin. Wow.


    • We get a wide variety of bugs that I am sure could turn out to be more than a nuisance, but I generally move them away or simply leave them alone. Things have a habit of balancing themselves one way or another and these days I loathe killing anything if it can be avoided.

      The spider was sitting on my ring finger

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