Catherine … growing up.

The last opportunity I had to photograph Catherine was almost ten months ago. And the time flies so quickly. Her mum popped over for some coffee and to nick some of our plants, so we all wandered out to the garden and Catherine too, with the dogs  and the neighbour’s cat, Ginger trailing along in her wake.

Some of you may remember that when she was born she had a few quite alarming problems and there were a couple of times things weren’t looking so good.

Well, that’s all in the past, thank goodness, and while I am by no means a ”child-friendly” type person these days, ( done  my bit, thank you very much!)  it’s nice to see this kid is growing up fit and healthy.  She’s a good subject to photograph and as I promised her mum there are now a few more photos for her album!

Then …. June 2016

This afternoon.


”Hey, Ark!”

Catherine 21/3/17





    • She was hardly talking the last time but suddenly she has found her voice.
      Yeah, she’s a great kid.
      Maybe I’ll still be around to take her photo for her Matric and her 21st?
      Imagine me still blogging then! Sheesh!

      Liked by 1 person

    • I’m not grumpy, and can tolerate kids this small for … phew …almost as long as it takes to boil an egg… honest!
      Maybe I’ll be different when I have have grandkids running about?
      You still in the UK?


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