Flower of the day.

This is a small pink flower from a flowering pink shrub … and that’s all I know.



17 thoughts on “Flower of the day.

  1. That there is what us U.S. southerners, as opposed I guess to you African southeners, call a posey although some call it a flur. Easy to identify when you use the same word of all of them danged thangs.

    Explanatory Note: To enjoy the full mirth of this comment, you have to have become at least a tad familiar with the accents common amongst ordinary “folk” in the southern U.S. This familiarity can be obtained through travel or, much less expensively, through American movies.

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  2. Okay, I don’t know any other way to say it, this picture is yummy. It just is. It looks sweet, decadent and absolutely delicious. It’s quite alluring, Ark. This truly is an amazing piece of art.

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        1. Sigh… oh well I shall just have to preen over the nice compliments in that case.
          And it gives me more incentive when I’m out and about with the camera.


          1. Is it a canna plant? It reminded me of the bird of paradise plant. I Googled “pink bird of paradise flower” and that’s what I got.


            1. No, sorry. The Bird of Paradise plant is a Strelizia, we have loads of them. This is a small stringy shrub. I must post photos of all of it.
              Don’t stress. Its identity will eventually be revealed


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