Ark on the street.

”Don’t frown, dad, it’s only a man with a Canon …”

Keeping ”them” out or keeping ”them” in?

Off  to buy stock…

Picking up boxes

”Oi!” … Yes it’s him with that Canon again.

”Keep on running….”

Taking  delivery.

”On the Sunny side of the Street …”





12 thoughts on “Ark on the street.

    1. It a long, (couple of Ks) wide, one-way road called Berea Road that runs East to West through a suburb called Bez Valley. We used to live in this suburb.

      (Useless technical info)


  1. I was wondering if the people who see you sitting in a car aiming a camera at them, think you are a Private Investigator. Maybe they are having an affair, in the middle of a divorce, or even just a guilty conscious. It could explain why a few look irritated or worried about you taking their picture. Hugs

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    1. I think some people just don’t like having the camera pointed at them. Period.
      I have a couple of friends who have refused to let me photograph them. And I know for sure they are not wanted by Interpol or anything.
      But you’re right, there may well be a certain amount of guilty conscience involved with some. Never thought of it like that before.
      I was photographing in a supermarket last year and some bloke actually began to pose! Right by the bakery I kid you not!
      It was a riot.
      Then the assistant manager approached me and said I must stop photographing and insisted I delete everything I had photographed in ”his” store.
      I guess some people have a very broad definition of trespass.
      The ”Bakery Poser” seemed a bit upset at the Assistant Manager too.
      C’est la vie.

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      1. Sadly I’m one of those who dislike being snapped or filmed. I just like being left undisturbed, to pass upon my lawful occasions.
        (I threatened to stuff their camera right up the orifices of a TV news crew that was filming me in the wee small hours at Auckland airport when a plane went down (killed the folks aboard) — idiots quite ruined my night vision with their blasted floodlights; a truly wonderful thing for them that I was a bit busy at the time …)


        1. Hello Argus. I can understand your irritation as you were trying to do something and they were making it harder for you to do it. I like to have my picture taken and I love to take pictures of others. I am like my cat Milo in that. However I am not doing anything important that anyone could interfere with. I use to be uneasy with people taking my picture, but over the years I grew more comfortable with myself and the idea. Be well. Hugs


          1. Perhaps I’m a closet version of those folks who think that The Devil dwells within the clicky-box and will capture their soul if they don’t run away screaming. Brrrrr …

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          2. 🙂 Love it. I enjoy greatly people who can laugh at themselves, as I find them both the funnest and also the smartest of people. I think anyone attempting to capture my soul will be so disappointed. There are so many liens on it I have been assured it will take me 6 lifetimes as a lower being to get it debt free again… but I am having trouble finding what is a lower being to befuddled human? Suggestions welcome. ( giggle ) hugs

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      2. I love the idea: Ark, man of the world, man of mystery, man who has the pictures…..look behind you as you never know where he will be shooting from next, he has you in his viewfinder… you are another photo on his wall….. ( giggle giggle giggle ) Hugs


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