Leading you up the garden path. Beeing there …

African Carder Bee on that mauve flower thing we can’t seem to identify.

Unlike many other megachilid bee species, this bee does not nest in the ground or in wooden holes, but rather it makes a “cotton-ball like” free standing nest from “hairs” it gathers from plant leaves and forms its nest inside sheltered locations such as wooden boxes or window frames: making them a perfect candidate for human transportation.

Got this info from an Australian site that considers this bee an invasive species. Couldn’t find any info on an SA site. Odd.





18 thoughts on “Leading you up the garden path. Beeing there …

    1. Just popped out for a confirmation ”feel”.
      The open petals are as delicate as an ordinary bloom, such as a gazania or daisy. The leaves are robust and furry on the underside as is the stem which is currently about a metre tall.
      It’s definitely a wild flower but what is still the question?

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    2. Okay …. found it!
      And just wow!
      It is an invasive weed from South America known as the Pompom Weed and is taking over African grasslands….. ‘scuse me… got to do a bit of weeding. T’ra!

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          1. I have enough trouble in my garden with blackjacks and other assorted invasive creepers. I can’t be having with contributing to the downfall of any more indigenous SA flora.


  1. I find it fascinating that some of the prettiest most attractive plants turn out to be labeled as weeds by us. You mentioned the plant is listed as invasive and taking over the grassland, religions are like that. When a religious group moves into an area they try their best to spread their infection to as many as they can. They try to pull support, nutrients, and shelter from everything else that was in the community before them. They try to over shadow and crowd out any other system not theirs. I laugh when I hear one group of religious people make the claim another religious group is bad for the community. They don’t mind that their own group does many of the same things they claim the other group is wrong for doing. Opps, sorry for the sort of OT comment. It was the invasive nature of the plant and the idea of you weeding it out of your garden. It got me thinking on how you could weed out religious groups. Hugs

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