Flower of the day. How about we get a bit fruity?

Wild Strawberry. They grow all over the place at our spot.

The berry is not much to write home about, but they are edible.  And they look pretty, don’t they?

Cee’s Flower of the day

And here’s a bunch of old Scouse gits you might know.




11 thoughts on “Flower of the day. How about we get a bit fruity?

  1. Grand. I could see these as decorations of a cake made by Emily. I was wondering that you said the strawberry is not so good to eat, it sure looks enticing in your photo. Hugs


      1. I think I was not as clear as I wanted to be. The bright intense color and the close up look you gave them made me think Emily could make such a thing out of icing and deep red color. I have come to think she could make anything no matter how complex and you can take pictures of anything, no matter how small or fast. 🙂 Hugs


        1. Ah .. I see what you mean!
          Well, not me … certainly not yet (but thank you for the compliment in any case!),However, regarding Emily, yes, you are probably right on that score.
          As we speak, she is working on a 4 tier birthday cake( it is big!) with hand crafted Hawaiian figurines from some new Disney movie.
          It is like architecture meets art, meets sculpting, meets baking.
          I’ll see if I can post photos when she has finished …. goodness’ knows when!

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          1. Sounds grand. She must really love what she does to put that much work into it. She is very talented. I guess it runs in the family. I look forward to the photos. Hugs


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