Oh, Moth … er…






Pyrausta phoenicealis or perilla leaf moth

hymenia pespectalis2


Spoladea recurvalis (Fabricius, 1775)

Spoladea recurvalis – Wikipedia

Couple of moths I managed to photograph over the past couple of days.

I am beginning to notice a fair few different species of moth around the garden. Once you ”tune ” in it is surprising just how many different species of anything suddenly seem to pop up. This is what paying attention to one’s surroundings is all about and pretty soon it begins to pay dividends.



5 thoughts on “Oh, Moth … er…

    1. Indeed!
      These guys are small and I have seen even smaller.
      It has become clear to me over these past couple of years that our gardens are literally teeming with wildlife, and I suspect a fair number are completely undocumented.

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  1. You are so right about being ‘atuned’ to your surroundings, Ark. It is amazing what you suddenly notice, and more amazing still, they have been there all along. Great photos, friend! We have very similar moths here.

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