Traces of the Past: A ”Thursday Special”.


Paula has extended her Thursday Special for two weeks in case you thought  I was  going doolally, seeing as it’s Wednesday!

Not a good photograph, by any means, but it fits the bill nicely.

This was taken by my brother, Kevin at Reading Rock Festival, Saturday morning, August 26, 1978, and is the last known ( and maybe even only) photograph he took. I am pretty certain of this as he didn’t own a camera and this shot was taken with my camera, a 110 Kodak Instamatic. I reckon, therefore,  we can forgive the fact that strictly speaking it isn’t my work and that I am in front of the lens brushing my teeth, rather than behind it!

The piece of clear plastic is a temporary tent, bought for a pound at the local hardware store in lieu of a proper tent which Kevin had forgotten to pack.


Traces of the Past: Courtesy of Paula @ Lost in Translation


16 thoughts on “Traces of the Past: A ”Thursday Special”.

    1. As my grandfather was wont to say …. ”I am as old as my tongue and a little older than my teeth.”
      Surprisingly, I have not lost a tooth since I was thirteen when I had to have an extraction after a filling dropped out while I was eating some toast while watching a movie on a Sunday called Scot of the Antarctic.( with John MIlls)
      As you can see, the pain of biting into that piece of bloody toast seared an indelible image onto my memory!

      Ah, but my hair… well, no more the blonde bombshell , I’m afraid, but I still have pretty much most of it.

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