It fluttered by …

Sometimes taking photographs of Butterflies can be a trying experience all round, from running after them to having one sit just right only for it to take off and disappear over the neighbour’s wall just as you were about to ‘click’!

However, there are other times when you probably couldn’t dislodge the Butterfly with a metaphorical crowbar.

This morning was one such.

This tree ( I am not sure what species it is) succumbed to a recent storm, as it does every couple of years, and one of its branches partially severed, causing it to hang barely a metre from the ground. In the past, I have been out with the saw almost straight away, but this time I held back to see what would transpire, especially because at this angle it makes photographing visitors so much easier.


It is a firm favorite of several species of bees, flies and …. butterflies.

Up close the fragrance is quite intoxicating and I can understand why it has such appeal.

This morning,I encountered this beauty. A painted lady.

Yes, it spent most of the time hanging sideways! 

Ark. 14/3/17


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