Colour Your World – Blue.

Carpenter Bee visits one of  the Pickerel Plants in the pond.

Female Carpenter Bee.






10 thoughts on “Colour Your World – Blue.

  1. I love me some Ark pics! They’re truly magical. Who says atheists can’t be fun and captivating? Thank you for capturing the beauty around you, Ark. The clarity and color in your work is always exquisite!


    1. Of course atheists are fun. After all, it’s the way the gods made us, right?

      Your comments are always sweet and much appreciated.
      I shall endeavor to ”bug” you as often as I can!


      1. Hi ya, Peter. I’ve been really busy between the doctor’s office and the hospital for hubs and our boys.

        My oldest had Cdiff due to a dumb ass ER pediatrician claiming he had an ear infection and prescribing amoxicilian. I knew he had horrible food poisoning from nasty Pizza Hut on Super Bowl Sunday and was severly sick and dehydrated. After two days on that particular antibiotic, I took him to our family pediatrician. He and an NP in training both looked at him and confirmed what I already suspected, there was absolutely no sign of anything wrong with his ears. My boy was sick for over a month. He missed seven days of school during the worst of it.

        My youngest had bad seasonal allergies, then a bad cold. He’s super sensitive to seasonal allergies and has pretty bad asthma. We have to watch him all the time.

        Hubster has had several surgeries on his nose and sinuses due to both passages not functioning correctly and affecting his breathing. He recently had his nose reconstructed by his ENT doctor last week.

        I’m continually working on myself. I’ve been a vegan since last month. I’m more active after getting better from years and years of gynecological and urological issues, as well as the surgeries to correct them. I’ve also lost a little weight. My trauma therapist is incredibly patient with me and most of our time spent together lately has been EMDR focused. The unfortunate thing about it is as I finally deal with one thing, all my other flaws seem more obvious. It’s not bad, but good, just annoying.

        Any who, things seem to finally fall into place for my family and we’re all doing better now. We have secular away camp planned for our boys this summer and a family trip planned for later this year. Can’t wait for both!


          1. Ugh, sorry. I’m not around much, but when I am I don’t know when to get quiet.

            How have you been there in Australia? Anything new going on in your life? I’m surprised you don’t have a blog. I believe a good number of deconverts, as well as questioning Christians, might find your writings quite interesting. You have a lot of interesting things to say, Peter.

            Ark, I absolutely love your gorgeous sunset pics and your butterfly shots are always amazing! Keep on reminding us all of this beautiful world we occupy.

            Love always….


          2. The big issue in Australia at present is cost and reliability of energy supplies. This might sound bizarre to you, but at the same time as Australia is set to become the largest Gas exporter in the world, a major shortage of Gas looms for domestic use that is forecast to lead to possible power blackouts, Needless to say this has led most of the population scratching their heads and to panic among the politicians.

            On the natural front, in my state of Tasmania (in my opinion one of places on earth to live) we have bene having a bit of Bioluminescence:

            More pictures here:

            As to a blog, well I nothing but poor excuses to offer.

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