Flower of the day: By any other name



15 thoughts on “Flower of the day: By any other name

  1. It is a great sadness to me to purchase roses today which have no scent whatsoever. I remember my mother’s roses and the perfume that accompanied them was quite potent. (Too potent for my young nose in many cases). The same thing has happened to freesias in the Spring. They have no scent and I remember their scent being the embodiment of Spring. Have we overemphasized the visual?


    1. We have several in the garden.I am unfamiliar with all the names… that’s my eldest kid’s department, but there is one I know called a Roberto Capucci that has a glorious scent.
      Don’t know the name of the pink one featured here, but it has a vague fragrance but nothing striking.
      Fortunately, we have loads of other plants to fill any gaps on the Smell -0-meter!


    2. Steve: There’s a rose in the Invercargill city rose gardens that is literally to die for. true, the modern rose seems a bit lacking but this one is a rich semi-purpley red(ish). Lovely blooms, but the scent~!

      I think I may have snapped it today in the park, and I promised Bess (Phi) I’d post some roses for her, so I’ll do that later. But the name matches the scents, it is called … Erotica.

      And to all: I was advised by an American lady some years ago, when admiring the gorgeous scents of her blooms (New Zealand flowers mostly lack any scent worth mentioning) that when she planted them she dropped a large piece of raw liver in the hole first …


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