Storm Coming!



Across the Valley.





13 thoughts on “Storm Coming!

      1. It’s blowing here, too – something fierce! We’re supposed to get some snow tomorrow, too. Doesn’t matter how dark the clouds get there, at least you won’t get snow!

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    1. It is.
      Up here in Johannesburg we get rain during summer. Highveld storms are notorious!
      Lightening like crazy sometimes.

      Down in Cape Town(1500 kms away to the south) they have more of a Mediterranean climate and get their rain in winter.


  1. Looks like you take weather seriously.

    I took a snap once—and I swear (SFX: insert naughty words here, please) — that what I shot was what I saw, with no bells and/or whistles. Set to ‘auto’ and snap. To make it more kosher I even (in the wee gun-sight focus aiming point thingy) bisected the dark sky with the dazzling building, perfect half and half …

    Dammit, I’ll see if I can find it and sneak it into my next WPC (Dreaming Cav) somehow. We have a fairly benign climate down here. And so we should, exactly halfway (within thirty miles, boom boom~!) twixt pole and equator.

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    1. If one is not quick off the mark the lightening plays havoc with the internet. Even with protectors and wotnot, because we are high on the ridge , one of the highest properties, in fact, and we have had two direct hits that have resulted in blown modems, so as soon as we hear the ”rumble in the jungle”, all internet connections are severed el pronto!

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