Wordless Wednesday. ”Wednesday is Gardening Day”





14 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday. ”Wednesday is Gardening Day”

  1. I always used to use a catcher on the mower, or rake up the grass … now my theory is that if I don’t, Mere Nature recycles it back into the ground and everyone is happy.
    I also mow on the next to highest cut, which leaves me having to mow when everyone else’s scalped lawns are burnt and brown.

    Southlanders do everything by the book—compliance is de rigeur to the nth degree. The Spouse gets on well with anybody—I can, but can no longer be bothered. Quite simply, I am as I am, take me for all in all—and look upon my lawns, ye mighty, and weep. Boom boom! Hah! I have grass! (And no, I’m not in league with the Devil)(He wouldn’t dare~!).

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              1. Nicies. Except I’m here not there. Will do next time. Ta muchlies. I almost wondered if it was borage that I failed to grow endlessly but think ’tis a blow-in. Def not lav. You’re right I wd recognise rhat.


                  1. Don’t know why I didn’t take a pic. I stared at it wondering how it had arrived. A bit like the ferny thing with little black balls baubles that suddenly appeared next to the jasmine. Which, naturally I managed to cut down while pruning the jasmine. Hey ho. It’s off to garden we go. P

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