Mundane Monday


Wolf 359 passes underneath some pelargoniums.




7 thoughts on “Mundane Monday

  1. I love the name. It is from Star Trek. I am amazed that you can tell the difference in so many fish that you can name them. I almost think they would come to you if you called them. 🙂 Hugs


    1. All the fish, once they reach a certain size ( normally arbitrary), are named and most are named after moons:Titan, Triton, Io, Europa, Calypso, Gannymede etc.

      I came across the star, Wolf 359 during a spot of reading and decided that the next koi we got would be called this … and so it was!

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      1. Ah. In the Star Trek universe it was an area where the famous battle between different groups for the fate of our area the galaxy. Of course one group wanted to make it a dictatorship and turn everyone into cyborgs, and the other group(s) wanted it kept free. It was used as a plot device for several story arcs and even was the basis for the start of one of the series. This was probably TMI but I had fun getting to explain it. 🙂 Hugs

        Oh and on the fish I guess they are distinctive enough at the point you spoke of to tell apart from each other even in the murky water? Hugs

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    1. Why, thank you kindly, dear Spiders!
      Funny I don’t think it anything that special, but that’s ”art” for you, right?

      The difficult shots are the ones I smile about afterwards.
      Those moments that I have waited and waited and waited … and waited and suddenly … the subject buggers off leaving me with nothing!


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