It Fluttered by.


Cream-striped Owl moth , Cyligramma latona

Widespread and common in Subsaharan Africa, as well as Egypt. The larvae feed on Acacia.

Saw this while going for a wander up the back garden. I have encountered this species a couple of times, indoors, but never during the day outside. It was resting/hiding under an asparagus fern and must have got spooked as I passed.





14 thoughts on “It Fluttered by.

    1. In fact, there were two moths and I thought I was going bonkers at one point as the moth reappeared from a totally different place from where i saw it land!
      Eventually I worked it out!


    1. I remember the post!
      I subscribe to a Facebook SA entomology group and there seems to be a large mount of sightings of the Cream Striped Owl Moth all over the country.
      Some sort of mass hatching I wonder?

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