And God(sic) said …

Dedicated to all those somewhat odd people out there who worship this deity – in whichever manifestation -because they rather foolishly believe that this deity is the source of all their morality and consequently also believe they are in desperate need of salvation.  … You know who you are, right? 


There is no more immoral work than the ‘Old Testament’. Its deity is an ancient Hebrew of the worst type, who condones permits or commands every sin in the Decalogue to a Jewish patriarch, qua patriarch. He orders Abraham to murder his son, and allows Jacob to swindle his brother; Moses to slaughter an Egyptian and the Jews to plunder and spoil a whole people, after inflicting upon them a series of plagues that would be the height of atrocity if the tale were true. The nations of Canaan are then extirpated. Ehud, for treacherously disemboweling King Eglog, is made judge over Israel. Jael is blessed above women (Joshua v.24) for vilely murdering , her sleeping guest; the horrid deeds of Judith and Esther are made examples to mankind; and David, after an adultery and a homicide which deserves ignominious death, is suffered to massacre a host of his enemies, cutting some in two with saws and axes and putting others into brick-kilns. For obscenity and impurity we have the tales of Onan and Tamar, Lot and his daughters, Anon and his fair sister (2 Sam xiii.), Absalom and his father’s concubines, the ‘wife of whoredom’ of Hosea and, capping all, the Song of Solomon.

For the horrors forbidden to the Jews, who, therefore, must have practised them, see Levit.  viii. 24; xi. 5; xvii. 7, xviiii. 7,9,10,12,15,1,21,23, and xx.3.

For mere filth, what can be fouler than 1st Kings xviii. 27; Tobias ii. 11; Esther xiv.2; Eccl. xxii. 2;Isaiah xxxvi. 12; Jeremiah iv. 5 and (Ezekiel iv. 12-15), where the Lord changes human ordure into ‘Cow-Chips’!

Ce qui excuse Dieu, said Henri Beyle, c’est  qu’il n’existe  pas, – I add, as man has made him.

  • The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night: Translated and annotated by Richard F. Burton: Volume Ten.


I wonder, do Christians  ever actually read their bible?



88 thoughts on “And God(sic) said …

  1. Ark I differ seriously with you, the god of the Old Testament, a god of love, is the same as the god of the New Testament and to a great degree the same Allah in the muslim religion. Now the more I pray for the god of love to save us, the more the drought continues, the more in the Middle East people are decimated, the more all over in the world there is violence and intolerance – am I in the wrong as a spiritual gentile that three gods (sic) do not hear my prayers
    . Just a thought.

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    1. Ferret: not only do those three God hear you, and ignore you—they knew even before The Creation that you were going to make those prayers. No?

      They no more choose to ignore you than I them, they too are absolute slaves of the very Kismet they instigated … no?


      1. And no—that wasn’t a typo, 3 in 1 has to be singular. No? (Bugger, divinities can be so confusing sometimes.)


  2. Ark when I was a Christian it was the last four chapters of Judges that challenged me more than any other part of the Bible. Some refer to it as “Israel’s Sodom and Gomorrah” a couple of terrible tails that I never heard read in a church or used as part of devotional study.

    Some scholars rationalise it as showing the depth to which Israel had sunk, the last words of Judges are ‘In those days Israel had no king; everyone did as they saw fit.’ (Judges 21:25). These words are spoken around 5 times in the book of Judges. So the apologists say that Israel lost its way and was not doing what ‘God’ wanted. Certainly not fit for children…..

    But then again given that the destruction of most of the life on earth in a flood is a favourite children’s tale, who knows. Also Samson, a real ratbag who has no control of his animal urges, breaks every vow he takes, consorts with prostitutes, kills many people is somehow a Children’s story favourite. So as they say go figure.

    As an aside a few years back I heard a talk by a former Christian Seminary Principle. He let his students choose what text he should preach on for a demonstration sermon, the students choose by an overwhelming margin, the story of Lot and his daughters.

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    1. A great reason for being an atheist and not having to apologize and justify reprehensible, patriarchal behavior. IMHO, arguing about the nuances of man vs. non-existent gods is a waste of time and energy. Ark, you continue to show us the inane logic of historically religious texts.

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    2. Peter:
      of course. There’s lots of good stuff in that tale, sex, violence, sodomy (and gomorrahry). Everything to appeal to all tastes, and with a message too! Boom boom!

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          1. Oops. That was ‘Mak’. I guess God intervened to confuse the minds of men … He’s always doing that—honestly, I don’t know why we keep Him …

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                    1. Damn. There goes my evening … let’s see now, Diderot … where’s Mr Google when you need him … D-I-D-E …


                1. I love the guy already—

                  “Man will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.”

                  —and that’s before I even get there~!

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    1. Mak in the Anglican church from which I hailed it was interesting to especially see what passages of the Bible were set as readings. In the psalms as an example certain verses would be left out mid Psalm. What the Lectionary did was to expurgate the so-called Imprecatory Psalms. Or those parts of an other good psalm consider dubious:

      Imprecatory Psalms, contained within the Book of Psalms of the Hebrew Bible (תנ”ך), are those that invoke judgment, calamity, or curses, upon one’s enemies or those perceived as the enemies of God.


      1. They must have learnt that from the Catholic Church.
        In the four year calender cycle of the church, there are books that a Catholic who doesn’t own a bible will ever read or know they are part of the bible

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  3. They read with their information processing units turned off.
    Take a painting produced by a gorilla high on fermented marula fruit or something, invent a fictitious artist, tell everyone long and often enough what a brilliant bit of modern art it is, and you’ll have millions of people praising the utter genius of it.

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        1. I thought it was clever, and showed a lot of talent—hell, Jackson Bollocks made a mint from doing the same but without all the noise …


            1. Beauty is in the eye of the sucke… admirer, who pays big bucks for it.

              I remember on TV some years ago, an artist stuck tubes of paint to a canvas, sealed the lot behind plaster of paris, hoofed off a distance then shot the snot out of it with a .22 rifle. After which he removed (carefully, note …) the shattered plastery bits/tubes then sold the works of art for small fortunes. Well done, him~!

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    1. Hi bruce.
      Why would you pray for something you believe might be against gods will? Ie the salvation of someone who might very well have been created for destruction Ala Romans 9

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      1. But Mike in (2 Peter) I think it says “God’s will is that all should be saved”. Then elsewhere in Ephesians we read that ‘God’ chose who would be saved before the foundation of the World. Just try reconciling those two parts of the Bible!

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        1. Exactly. Bruce is a Calvinist. Prayer for anyone to be saved is pointless and may even be blasphemous lyrics against God’s election for that person


        2. Peter: you goofed. Or the translator did.

          I have a hotline to Big G and She assures me that Her original message was more democratic, to the effect that “all should be given equal opportunity of being saved”.

          As for choosing before the foundation of the world (She knew, of course, that’s the curse of omniscience) but still gave ’em all Free Will. (So waddya make of them onions, huh?)


          1. ‘who [God] wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.’ (1 Timothy 2:4)

            ‘The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance. (2 Peter 3:9)

            I see the translators made an error here calling God ‘He’.


      1. Or not. Does God have ‘free will’? If you think about it: no.

        Alone in the entire universe, God is incapable of a spontaneous thought or deed. No?


    2. I read the Word everyday Goody, goody for you! Keep it up and you may actually discover that “truth” you mentioned … but it won’t be in “His Word.”


  4. Those who do read the Bible and Koran and come across this kind of repulsive stuff just ignore it and then claim that anyone who pays attention to it isn’t a real Christian or Jew or Muslim. See how easy that is?

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  5. Ark, you’re forgetting, Yhwh changed its mind. What was good and right and moral then is not good and right and moral now.

    It’s all part of a secret plan Yhwh has

    So says Prophet Branyan

    (just don’t ask whether keeping secrets like this is ethical or not, OK. That tends to enrage the Prophet Branyan)

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            1. Our garden is looking a bit wild and woolly at the mo, and when this happens we get all sorts of grass popping up.
              Going for a wander can be quite the adventure at times, if one manages to avoid stepping in the dog crap!

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              1. My whipper-snipper broke three weeks ago so there are pockets of our backyard which have turned Amazon on us 😉 I’m frightened to go too deep in, and even the dogs shy away, you know, with that look of Bad Spirits Live In There

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                1. Well, you probably have more jungle closer at hand than I do and I’m pretty sure some of your garden visitors would not take too kindly to being trodden on, right?

                  Only ever seen one snake in our garden, a harmless garden snake, and it was only the briefest of flashes before it darted away.
                  Seen a couple of scorpions – that was … interesting.


                  1. You get bats? We have these tiny little bastards, really fast, and one got in the house the other day. Dogs and cats and humans all running and screaming like lucifer himself had suddenly popped in for a visit.


                    1. Yes, we get bats. Especially during warmer weather. They criss-cross and dive bomb the pond as they hunt for bugs. It’s marvelous to stand outside and have them whizz past! I love it.

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      1. … you make the major error, Grasshopper, of forgetting Islam. (But you may be forgiven, after all it’s the same ‘God’)(just different franchises).

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  6. No, of course they do not read their Bible, obviously. What is even more frightening is that a veritable herd of “Biblical Archaeologists” descended on the “Holy Land” to search out and confirm all of the tales of the OT. After 100+ years or more and more desperate searching (Damn, that ark has to be around here somewhere!), they found that most of the events described either didn’t happen, or if they did, they happened someplace far, far away.

    In other words, most of the OT is fiction. Think about that. They made that shit up thinking it showed well to readers. Effing amazing.


  7. This is a lovely list I need to keep handy for reference. The story of David was a shocking post-deconversation revelation – why did it seem fine before? I’ll need to read up on Ehud, nothing like a rewarded disemboweling.


  8. Ok. Admittedly, Lord G took a few missteps in the beginning. But he gave us rainbows, glorious sunsets, cute kittens and adorable babies to make up for it. So let’s cut the guy some slack.


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