Friday Flowers

A photo from Sue over at Zimerbitch prompted this post.







White Rose





Arum lily


Yellow Daisy






26 thoughts on “Friday Flowers

    1. Thank you Mister N.
      The wonderful thing about digital…. It allows one to endlessly practice and indulge without having to wait or worry about the cost of film.


  1. The first one of the hanging flower with different levels reminded me of a christmas ornament. Also for some reason the White spider on the white rose seemed aggressive, like it had an attitude. I like the green bug, it looked like fine candy. I love them all. I couldn’t figure out what part of the dog I was seeing? Be well. Hugs


    1. The hanging flowers are Fuchsias and they come in various shades of pink/purple. You’re right, they are like Christmas ornaments. Never considered them in this way before.
      The bee is called an Amegila Bee. They are solitary bees but good pollinators.
      Crab spiders all look like this. I think the ”Concentrated Pissed-Off Look ” is the only ”expression” they have!

      It is the dog’s nose.

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  2. Fuschias have always been a fave of mine. Trouble was whenever I grew them they got loads of white fly. Gave up in the end. And isn’t the red of that geranium so beautifully clear. Similar to the colour of red I got married in (useless trivia of the day).


    1. I have no knowledge of their growth and care other than they like a shady part of the garden – which they have.
      The cuttings I nicked I grew in shot glasses, suspended over water through tin foil over the glass. The wife uses this method to grow African Violet leaf cuttings.
      It worked!

      I must have around forty or fifty individual plants these days.

      So you were the Lady in Red?


      1. The Woman in Red?

        I think when I was a kid we just rooted them directly in water. My dad Thanks dg.I meant that from both the reviewer’s and author’s perspective. Sure, reviewers are doing something for nothing, but they shouldn’t consider themselves little gods holding someone’s fate in their adept at nicking cuttings to my mother’s horror.

        When I was at the finca last week, Josรฉ was telling me he’d taken a couple of bits of parsley. When I looked at the container I realised he meant actual plants! Wondered why the parsley had shrunk. Still as he waters the garden and keeps an eye on house and garden, he can take as much parsley as he wants.

        African violets are pretty too. Another one I didn’t have success with. Or poinsettia. Or camellias. Hence I grow veg. Or edible flowers like nasturtiums.


        1. From the song; Lady in red.

          ”My dad Thanks dg,” (?)
          Most of your second paragraph …. authors, reviewers etc went … whoosh over my head. I must have missed something?

          The plants I nicked … tiny little cuttings I literally ‘pinched’ out, were from the multitude that grow outside of one of the houses I jog by. The house is in a boomed-off area in Observatory where all the residents have ”claimed” the municipal verge area outside their walls as their own.


          1. Lol! Obviously wafted in from another comment ๐Ÿ˜€ not a recent comment. It should read, my dad was adept โ€ฆ but instead of w in was we got a part comment from elsewhere. C’est la vie en WordPress.

            But, my turn to be confused. What’s boomed-off?

            They used to do that in twee English villages didn’t they?


            1. Boomed-off.
              A few years back – as we entered the first phase of democracy -many suburbs opted to erect booms and fences and applied to the council for Restricted Access.
              There were a great many Townhouse complexes being built at this time and some of the more established suburbs felt vulnerable as the creeping urban sprawl came inexorably closer and this was often accompanied by informal settlements.
              It was considered undemocratic by many and a vital necessity by others.
              The more liberal mindset unlikely having suffered any direct threats or intrusions from criminals. Consider Lyz?

              Observatory has several such enclosed areas.
              My street, being a main thoroughfare leading to the the school, never applied.
              The area where I jog, a section of Ridge Road, is a small off road with about twenty houses, so it was fairly easy to get permission to ”seal it off” with a large gate – which had to have the mandatory pedestrian gate built in and a manned boom at the other end.
              The largest properties in Ridge Road (in the suburb in fact) was bought by a very wealthy Italian who is involved in /owns? one of the large insurance companies over here.
              Out of his own pocket, he built a posh guard house, beefed up the security (including cameras) and this part of Ridge Road is now almost totally private, and appears to be run like a little fiefdom!
              A large adjoining property just outside the boomed area was once the Iranian Embassy but it went up for auction and a townhouse development of twenty-five properties was earmarked. There were rumours the existing Herbert Baket house (which was now quite run down) would have been demolished) This may have simply been gossip.
              The Italian bloke – so I heard – got it stopped, bought the property, and it is now used to house the Ridge Road guards.
              I have even seen chickens run free on one of the lawns!
              Ah, the things one can do when one has pots of money and …presumably the right contacts!


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