Ark on the Street: Rainy Thursday




When Patience is a virtue


Whatever it takes …



The inevitable Bumper-Bashing.



7 thoughts on “Ark on the Street: Rainy Thursday

    1. You find these folk at almost every intersection.
      Occasionally one will be enterprising in their appeal by offering to take the rubbish in your car – bags papers, empty cans etc – off of your hands for a few bob.
      Some have recently taken to doing a bit of clever juggling with balls or sticks and putting on clown make up.
      I once offered a chap some piece work gardening after he crossed the road and asked me for money as I pulled up at a hardware store a few years back. He declined.
      Make more money at the traffic lights, apparently!
      So I generally keep my money in my pocket these days.

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    1. These guys are all independents and they patrol the suburbs on Bin Days, usually collecting plastic and glass and sometimes metal.
      In our suburb it’s Friday.
      We have a separate, specialist company that picks up paper on Tuesdays.

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      1. Ah, so the big bags are from the company that is trying to grab the stuff before the contracted hauler picks it up. They take what they can to these big bags and then it is picked up by a truck and driver? Hugs


        1. Sorry, didn’t explain myself very well. These haulers are all independent and from what I can gather they take all collected plastic, glass etc to central depots where they are paid by weight. How they sort out which suburbs they work I have no idea.
          The only official contractor is a company that picks up waste paper.

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          1. OH. Thanks. When we lived in West Palm Beach we had small bins to put out twice a week. One for glass, one for paper, one for cans. There were people who would go around with trash bags and get all the cans. That was because they could take them to the recycle center and get cash for beer , wine, or drugs. Some of these people looked one step from death. I felt bad for them. Hugs

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